If you have ever wanted to hashtag lolcatz roftlcopter from the safety of your elite unix desktop and not the confines of your web browser, help is at hand in the form of bitlbee

From the man page:

	BitlBee is an IRC daemon that can talk to  instant  messaging  networks
   and  acts as a gateway. Users can connect to the server with any normal
   IRC client and see their 'buddy list' in bitlbee.  It  currently  sup-
   ports Oscar (AIM and ICQ), MSN, Jabber, Yahoo! and Twitter.    
   bitlbee  should  be  called  by inetd(8), or you can run it as a stand-
   alone daemon.

On the server (I did this on my Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS lucid flavoured cubox):

  • You seem to need to install it from source to get the latest version – I followed these instructions


  • Once bitlbee is installed, run it on your server with

      # ./bitlbee is wherever make has put the binary
      sudo -u bitlbee ./bitlbee -F

Then on your desktop: