Vim setup on OSX/MacOS in true copy and paste style.

# Install pathogen
mkdir -p ~/.vim/autoload ~/.vim/bundle && curl -LSso ~/.vim/autoload/pathogen.vim

# Install vim airline
cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone

# Install vim airline themes
cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone

# Install solarized
cd ~/.vim/bundle && git clone git://

# Install powerline fonts
cd ~
mkdir tmp
cd tmp
git clone
cd fonts
cd ..
rm -rf fonts

# Use patched fonts
# Add below to `.vimrc`. If you don't have `.vimrc`, use the minimal one from the pathogen README
echo "\" Airline settings" >> ~/.vimrc
echo "let g:airline_powerline_fonts = 1" >> ~/.vimrc
echo "set guifont=Meslo\ LG\ S\ Regular\ for\ Powerline:h14" >> ~/.vimrc